St Peters Teen Group

Junior Jesus at St Peters Leongatha aims to develop the understanding of Jesus and his place in the lives of young people aged 10-14 years of age. This is a mixed gender group that meets twice a month. On our games night, times is allocated to understand the role of God in young peoples lives, while sharing a meal and engaging in fun and inclusive games. This is a great safe night out for young people filled with purpose. 


Every fourth Sunday we hold a bible study within the 10.30am service time slot. Within this time we read and reflect on the word of God and its real world applications in the life of the young people. Youth are invited to bring their own bible but not essential.

All our leaders are Safe Ministry compliant and adhere to strict policies and guidelines as set out by the Anglican Diocese of South Gippsland. 

All are welcome at any level of connection to God, whether you are firm friends of God or you are hoping to meet him, we welcome you. 

Games Nights – Once a month – Second Friday:

Time: Start at 6pm concludes at 8.30pm

Venue: St Peters Church Hall

Format: Welcome, prayer and Dialogue. Followed by games/ event/ craft, dinner, more games, concluding prayer.

Meal: Dinner is provided for each game’s night.


Bible Study – Once a month on fourth Sunday.

Time: 10.30pm service.

Venue: St Peters 10.30 all ages service.

Format: During the service youth are called to attend the bible study in a quite space in the church building. Opening prayer, gratitude’s and focus points to consider.