Volunteer for Op Shop
Contact Kaye Little John 56 686 233 or Coral Johnston 0409 165 227


Mainly Music 10:30am every Tuesday during school terms
Contact Heather Scott 0438 292 325


Mens Ministry
Contact Andrew Aldous


Prayer and Healing Ministry

To make an appointment please contact Belinda on 0438 622 721 or


Songs & Stories

Community outreach through music and story telling 

Contact Doug and Amanda Kelly  0431 427 898


Music Ministry 

If you play an instrument or enjoy singing then consider joining our Worship Music Team. Contact Belinda on 0438 622 721 


Small Group Bible Study

Small groups are an essential way of getting the most out of St Peters. A small group is an informal gathering of people seeking to deepen their understanding and experience of the Christian faith. Small groups are a great way to get to know one another and offer many opportunities for pastoral care, fun, fellowship and service. To join please contact or Small Group Co-ordinator Lesley Chisholm  

0408 624 434


Mothers Union
Contact Maryann Ashton 0438 644 315


Card Making - 3rd Wednesday of the month for more details


Community Lunch - Every Wednesday 11:30am 

Contact Belinda on 0438 622 721 for more information or to get involved