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Senior Minister, Archdeacon of South Gippsland and Vicar General of the Diocese of Gippsland. 

Graham has been an ordained minister for 40 years and brings his wealth of experience into a wide variety of ministry settings. He has worked extensively in the UK, as well as Australia where he grew up.

Graham is passionate about releasing others into ministry and seeing them develop to their full potential. He believes that every Christian is called by God and the Holy Spirit to play an important role within the ministry of the Body of Christ and the world.

Graham has two sons and five grandchildren all of whom live in the UK. The difference between all them and him is that they play multiplicities of musical instruments. Graham plays none.

Contact: 0490 045 581


Assistant Curate

Belinda has been a part of the St Peter’s community for 9 years and on staff since January 2017. Ordained deacon in February 2020, she is currently studying a degree in theology at Charles Sturt University and working towards Ordination into the Priesthood. 

Growing up in South Gippsland, Belinda is passionate about rural ministry and enjoys living locally with her two young daughters, alpacas, chickens, guinea pigs and cat named Blue. 

Belinda has a heart for evangelism and enjoys being involved in preaching, baptisms and prayer and healing ministry. Contact: 0438 622 721

Church Wardens

Maryann Ashton, Alan Steenholdt and Hugh Chisholm Contact: 0407 505 432



Safe Ministry Contact – Maryann Ashton 0438 644 315

Director of Professional Standards - Cheryl Russell

Anglican Diocese of Gippsland


Ministry Associate

Andrew Aldous is our Ministry Associate who lives in Officer and is currently  Humanities Team Leader and Careers Co-Ordinator at Waverley Christian College. He has been a proud and passionate follower of Jesus since 2004 developing his faith through professional, personal and parental experiences. Andrew thrives on guiding others to becoming all that Jesus would have them be through academic and sporting achievements. 

Andrew is married to Olivia with three children: Joshua (9) Noah (6) and Micah (4). He is eager for us to know that he supports Richmond! Andrew longs to bless and serve our community in any way he can and is currently leading our ministry among men.